Thursday, January 17, 2008

Têtes à claques

2006: the year of creation of Têtes à Claques

Têtes à Claques is a comedy show in québécois that in just one year went from one guy's project for fun to one of the most well liked francophone shows in the world. Its website is one of if not the most visited in Canada, and its fame is rapidly increasing in France. In other news, works are in the way to make têtes à claques in english as well.
As it appears most of my devoted admirers can't speak québécois (for those of you who are ignorants, québécois is almost like french, but not exactly), therefore I cannot.
Fortunately for you, it so happens that there exists this one trilogy of videos that is subtitled.
So here goes.

Have fun.
And have a cookie.

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