Saturday, February 17, 2007

saint-valentine's day

i see people running around
all speaking of this certain strange date
a date that i had missed, apparently
or just entirely didn't notice slipped by.

the 14th of febuary seems to me a day like any other
besides that the nightly sounds may arouse from more than one room
and we wonder...why do humans disgrace themselves with cheese pie every 14the of febuary?
why not the 13th?

according to legend, valentine was a priest who secretly performed marriages for soldiers in the roman army, because back then the soldiers were not allowed to marry
he was thrown in jail after being caught
while he was in jail, he talked regularly with a blind girl who was the daughter of the jailer

before he was sent to his death, he sent her a note, beginning with "from your valentine"
of course, let's all ignore the fact that she was blind and couldn't read it................

13th of may, a friday, julian kisses passionately his lover, in a language she can understand even if she were blind
he stays alive
he doesn't get executed
and they love each other

i've got an idea...let's have a saint-julian's day....on every friday 13th of may....

what makes saint valentine more special than the day after or before?
i don't get it.....

people might say "oh but it's good to have a day to show your undying love for your partner"
oh so what do you do the rest of the year, then?

a special day for it...
well here's one thing

you walk out of your house, walking on the sidewalk...where cars drive fast enough that if they but slightly derailed off the road they could crush you flat
meanwhile your lover is back home cooking, cutting veggies with a knife that with one false movements could pierce in her face

et caetera...
in other could die at any moment of anytime of any day, if that does happen wouldn't you regret only have a silly saint valentines?
i say
live everyday like if it was your last

this is nic

and is 4 am squeakings


Artistic creature said...

Methinks Nic, doesnt have a love! Nic , my dear I thought your blog was ONLY FOR WRITINGS like you so plainly told what do you have to say for yourself?

Ely said...

but that is a writing.
and an awesome one for that matter.
i think ur very lucid a 4 am.
and we shall celebrate...saint julians day!

wraf said...

well said le piou